June 8

Welcome to my blog

Hello, how do you do? Just kidding, I never talk like that. But seriously, how are you? You obviously know what my name is, if some of you don’t know then look at the words on top of the blog. I like playing soccer, my PS4, have a dog and I like seeing him chase stuff, I live in, oh, whoops, I’m not meant to tell you that, anyway, I also like coding and sleeping. Well, that’s enough about me.

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October 30

Passion Project

My project was meteors and my question was what exactly was the meteor. During my research I learnt about the Chicublux Crater and the meteor that created it. The meteor (or other thing from space) hit at Mexico 20 years after the search for it. The meteor was hidden amongst tons of young rocks and dirt making it hard to find using a satellite. The meteor was about 9 km wide but the reason the impact was massive was probably because of the speed. The impact was said to be so big it sent dust surrounding the whole world and there was so much dust it let through little to no sunlight killing plants, herbivores and carnivores. The meteor was said to be a part of a destroyed planet (probably blew off because of a collision.) And that pretty much marks the end of my research, goodbye.

October 21


We need to know where the light is

Before we run into the darkness,

We need to know how to shelter

And save our friends

To grow into the right helpers.


Hatred, sadness, sorrow have to be thrown away

Shake it off,

Get rid of your pain,

We’ll do it together, together.

Happiness, love and respect

A caring heart and soul to match

Are also needed to repent,

We’ll do it together, together.


That’s why we need to take care of each other, each other.

We smile we cry we laugh,

We help each other because,

We’re always together.

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